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I Love Theresa Wright Page

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I created this page for the person in my life that is always on my mind, that influences every decision I make, and gives me the will to make those decisions that I couldn't make without her.  She is my life.  Everything I do is for her because I know she watches, and I want to make her proud.  I made this page so the world would know just how lucky I am.   April 25 is her birthday and I wanted to do something special.  I went out and bought her a diamond ring, wrote her a lot of new poetry, and created this page.   This will serve as a document of my devoted love to Theresa Wright.

  • Our Story; This is our story, how I met her, when we fell in love, and the hell we went through to get there.
  • Pictures; These are pictures of us, and pictures of things that are a part of us and our life.
  • 100 Things; These are 100 things that I love about Theresa.
  • Poetry; This is poetry I have written for Theresa, and also poetry from others that I think reflects how I feel about her.
  • FAQ; Frequently asked questions to Kyle and Theresa, relating to their relationship with each other.
  • Links; Links to our favorite sites.
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